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Cezar Derevlean

Javascript/React Developer, UI/UX Enthousiast

Cezar reported directly to Radu

While at Freshbyte, I had the opportunity to be colleague with Radu for many years, as well as having him as Direct Manager for a short while.

I recommend Radu for his extensive technical knowledge in Javascript and related Frontend technologies, as well as WordPress.

We haven’t been working together for many years now, but the fact that we still chat every now and then speaks for the relationship that we had while we were colleagues.

Claudia Litzka

Digital (Paid) Marketing Consultant & Marketing Project Manager

Claudia worked with Radu on the same team

I had the pleasure of collaborating with Radu on, amongst others, a website optimization project, as well as the implementation of German web pages. His technical prowess and attention to detail were instrumental for an effective collaboration.

Radu not only demonstrated expertise in optimizing website performance but also showcased excellent teamwork skills. His ability to navigate linguistic nuances and contribute to a positive team environment makes him a standout colleague.

I highly recommend Radu as web developer, as he brings a perfect blend of technical expertise and interpersonal skills to the table. His dedication and collaborative spirit make him an asset to any team.

Allen Wildes


Allen worked with Radu on the same team

Radu’s mastery of frontend technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, coupled with wizardry in WordPress development sets him in a league of his own. His collaborative approach ensures seamless integration of design and backend elements, resulting in top-notch, responsive websites.

What’s remarkable is Radu’s commitment to efficiency – Agile methodologies are his forte, ensuring projects sail smoothly. His skills extend beyond the basics, encompassing UI/UX design principles, API integration, and expert version control.

Radu isn’t just a web developer; he’s a solution architect. For any team wanting someone to transform ideas into stunning digital realities, Radu is your go-to pro.

Kathrine Kirk

CRM & E-Commerce @Aiayu

Kathrine worked with Radu on the same team

I’ve had the great pleasure of working closely with Radu on multiple frontend and backend development projects at Agillic. Radu always delivers high quality work and is very transparent in his deliveries; greatly easening my work as a project manager.

Additionally, Radu will gladly offer his honest and helpful opinion about upcoming projects and iterations; allowing us to collectively reach the best end-results. His analytical approach to his work has allowed us to base our decisions on nuanced foundations, as well as he has helped us improve on several KPIs by building more lean and sustainable solutions.

Celine Fosse

CMO & Co-Founder at Niimblr

Celine managed Radu directly

Hiring Radu was a game changer in the maturity of Agillic’s digital presence. As a B2B company on a rebranding journey, utilizing the website as a main scaling tool was a priority. In just a few months, Radu built a website tailored to dynamic expectations — and the results in conversion and lead generation broke records just weeks after the site had gone live. Radu is also a superb team player and a great communicator. His innate artistic ability combined with his knowledge of front-end development makes him a strong addition to any company ready to raise the bar with their website.

Adrian Grozavu

Senior Database Developer

Adrian was Radu’s client

With Radu I had my first professional photo shooting. I especially liked his professionalism, creativity, interest and openness to try different shooting poses. He managed to capture in images exactly the message I was aiming for. The whole experience was flowing and natural and the end-result totally surpassed my expectations.
I kindly recommend him.

Culic Laura Monica

Project Manager Assistant la SC MG TEC Grup S

Culic was Radu’s client

Working with Radu was a really nice and fruitful experience. Besides the things I have learned working together, since he has a great capacity to explain until you get it right, it is really helpful to know you can come whenever you want with new ideas and he will help you get the best solutions in order to apply them and make them work. Even if we didn’t always agree on how different things should be done the best part is he had the patience needed and the will to search for different methods to achieve what I needed, having a win-win situation in the end.
Long story short: a trusty man with a strong sense of responsibility.
I will definitely recommend him to my partners and hope to work with him for our future projects, as well.

Mihai L.

Founder la yeParking

Mihai worked with Radu on the same team

Great character, hardworking fellow with a high level of passion invested in everything he works on. Skilled UI/UX professional with amazing ideas and well focused actions. It has been a real joy working alongside him on various projects. I always look forward to collaborating with such great professionals like Radu.

Mihai Zugravu

Product Development & Delivery

Mihai worked with Radu but they were at different companies

I’ve been working closely with Radu for over 1 year, navigating waves of uncertainty, unclear or continuously changing requirements and its been the best experience I’ve ever had under these extraordinary circumstances. Starting with his great proactive approach, to a really fast turn around and high flexibility & availability he’s always been the right answer to a variety of challenges. He’s always provided an excellent value feedback, best practices recommendations and high quality work. I will always appreciate and recommend his honesty and professional attitude towards problem solving.

Alexandra Mălăieș

Experienced Facilities and Procurement Manager with regional coverage

Alexandra was Radu’s client

Radu is one of the most professional people I have worked with! On top, he is also one of the most dedicated volunteers I have met. We actually met when he offered his services as a volunteer for the children’s home where I also do volunteer work. He approached us and offered to help us create a web site. We stared working together and I realized he is very skilled in this area, very prompt in his reactions and always keeping his commitments. Radu is in touch with the latest technologies and always knows how to solve any technical issues we have encountered. I enjoy working with Radu for a few years now, and would recommend him in any team!

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